Recent carpentry projects, Larry James (DBA "Beam Me Up")

This was updated 1/06/07. It may take a while to load all the pictures...

This shows the rebuilding of the bodies of 2 1931 U.S. Postal Service trucks. They were oak frames with metal-clad plywood panels, originally built by a cabinet shop in Chicago and mounted on Ford Model AA truck chassis. :

What the original looked like:

the new body under construction:

Recently we helped raise this timber frame barn:

Here are a couple of pieces of furniture, a cherry bed frame and two tansu-style cabinets:

Some birch cabinets:

Closet doors made from recycled redwood wine barrels:

Interior of a Timber-Frame addition:

Kitchen cabinets:

Click here for several pictures of a kitchen remodel.

Staircase with recycled mahogany newel posts:

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